chihuahua saves little girls lost in woods

Sisters, Carlie and Lacey (eight years old and five years old, respectively) took their dog out for a walk on Monday with their friend Victoria. What was just supposed to be a short walk around the block turned into a scary situation when the three got completely lost in the woods. CBS Atlanta reports that had it not been for a little Chihuahua named Bell, they may not have found the girls.

The girls headed into the woods but got completely disoriented. CBS Atlanta reports that they attempted to use different trails to find their way out but couldn’t and that they were afraid they’d get even more lost.

When Lacey and Carlie’s parents realized the girls had been gone for a long time, they began searching the woods themselves and immediately called the police. While the firefighters and police searched, it was actually a neighbor’s 3-year old Chihuahua that saved the day.

Carvin Young, a neighbor, took Bell with him into the woods to search for the girls and he said, “Bell sniffed them out…She smelled them, her tail went to wagging and she kept running and running until she got to them. She started jumping up on me and I knew we were close.”

Bell knew the girls well and was, luckily, familiar with them and according to the Rebecca Parga, mother of Carlie and Lacey, that’s what helped Bell find them.

It’s not often that we think of Chihuahuas as search and rescue dogs, but in this case, hats off to Bell who helped save these little girls!

Watch CBS Atlanta’s news report of the whole story:

Sources: CBS Atlanta

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