Do you remember Beyonce the incredibly small puppy? Well, Beyonce has competition in the size department because Great Britain now has their own tiniest dog named Mini, a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. Mini, the second of the litter to be born, is much smaller than her brothers and sisters. What does she weigh? Only 1.9 ounces.
When her owner, Emma Williams, brought Mini to the vet, they were shocked at the small size of this puppy who was only 1.3 ounces at birth. With a special feeding schedule, Williams has gotten Mini big enough to play with her siblings but she is still 4.5 ounces smaller than dogs her age should be.
Mini’s size means that she eats only a fraction of what her siblings do. While they are fed an ounce of milk per day, Mini only consumes one tenth of that. She seems to be doing well though, as she jumps right in with the rest of the litter during feeding time.
The veterinarians who saw Mini hypothesize that she’ll only grow to be 1.5 pounds at her heaviest. That’s a tiny dog!
Here are some truly adorable pictures of this girl via Pawnation.

We wish her all the best!


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