COVID-19 Safety Precautions

NYC Pooch is back! In a Covid-Smart kinda way

To All Our Dog-loving Humans of New York,

We’ve worked very hard to develop and implement strict safety measures and protocol to keep our walkers, clients, and community safe in this new environment.

Our dog walkers in NYC are equipped with all necessary safety equipment including PPE, company approved dog leashes, hand sanitizer, face masks, and practice social distancing at all times.

The following are protocols we have put in place for everyone’s protection. If you have any feedback or additional steps which would help you feel more safe and comfortable, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Safety Equipment List and Safety Measures

  1. NYC Pooch approved leash – Dogs may wear their own harness and collars, however each walker will be equipped with a personal leash to clip to your existing gear. 
  2. Digital Thermometer – Each walker will check their temperature each morning before checking in. If they are experiencing any symptoms or higher than normal temps, they will notify their manager immediately.
  3. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – Each walker will have a mask, which will be worn inside buildings and homes and anytime they are in close proximity to other people. Each walker will be thoroughly trained on how to use masks properly.
  4. Hand sanitizer – Each walker will use hand sanitizer. It should be used after touching any surface or coming into contact with anyone, as well as before arriving to each scheduled appointment. Hand sanitizer can also be used to disinfect keys, cell phones, and surfaces as needed.
  5. Soap – Each walker will be provided antibacterial soap and will properly wash hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds throughout the day and between each appointment.
  6. Dog walkers will stay 6+ feet away from people at all times while on the walk, and avoid crowded areas.
  7. Dog walkers are advised not to let other people or pups touch the dog they’re walking.
  8. Dog walkers will limit use of elevators to one person at a time.
  9. All keys will be sanitized after each use, including any keys checked out from building management or front desk.

In addition to the safety measures mentioned above, we will be asking all of our clients to practice safety precautions and social distancing when using our services and coming into contact with our walkers. 

  • We ask that all doggie equipment be left near the front door for easy access for our walkers. 
  • If possible, please leave collar and or harness on your pooch so they are ready to be clipped in 
  • Please practice social distancing when walkers pick up / drop off your pups.
  • If you or a family member is feeling ill, please notify us so that we can take proper precautions or cancel the scheduled walk. 
  • If you are home, please consider bringing your dog downstairs and handing the dog off outside. 
  • Please disinfect commonly used areas such as doorknobs, entrance table, etc. 
  • Help us limit our time in your home by placing food and any needed supplies in plain sight with easy access 

We will continue to follow guidelines from state, local, and health officials and keep our policies up to date.

Our clients have been nothing short of amazing, showing tremendous support for their walkers during the shut down. Your generosity and words of encouragement and support have shown us what community is all about and we are proud to be NY STRONG.

We are dedicated to providing the most trustworthy and safest dog walking service in the city. 

Stay safe, be kind and support your local businesses.

Team Pooch


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