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Jenny here with a very peppy Bogey this morning! He was super excited to head to the park where he did all his business. There was a black maltipoo that Bogey wanted to follow around for most of the walk. Bogey was also quite the charmer when a bunch of tourists rose by in a carriage. They snapped pics of him. I have a feeling he’s going to be a star highlight in their tourist pics now haha. I dropped Bogey off with lots of kisses, belly rubs, and made sure he had enough water for the day. Looking forward to our 2nd walk later! Have a lovely day, Jenny   Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hey guys! Eli was a man on fire today, he ran his little heart out. We started off over in the run, he was on his best behavior. We actually ran into Jasper while we were there, the pup I normally have when you guys come to the run. They played and played until they couldn’t anymore. Eli and I walked around the park for the rest of our time together. He took care of both his 1’s and 2’s while we were out and about. He chased a few squirrels as we made our way back home. I gave him some water and he finished up the treat that was on the rug at your place. I hope your day is going well! Matt Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hi Alexis, Chloe gave me such an adorable welcome, greeting me at the door with her teddy. She was super excited to get her harness on. Outside the lift we had a little reluctance but with some gentle coaxing, we got going! We headed straight for the river, Chloe kept a really great pace which meant we could spend a good few minutes enjoying the sights and the breeze. Chloe was a little reluctant to leave haha I don’t blame her! She did all her business before we made it home where I topped up her water. Thanks Candace   Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hey Kate, Rudder had a fantastic walk this afternoon. It was a slow start but after few stops and lots of love we managed to make our way around the ball parks where he was a social butterfly, saying hello to all of the people and dogs who passed us bye.While we were out he took care of his ones and twos and came home a few minutes early since he was eager to get back. We we had a nice bonding session which included lots of treats and lots of belly rubs. Hope you have a great afternoon and I’ll talk to you soon. Dana Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Bear had another black lab pool party today! We filled up the pool when we first arrived and had the park to ourselves. Bear was as excited as he always is to see the pool fill up. Not long later, another black lab showed up and the pool party commenced! Bear would run to jump in at the same time as the other pup, and they would both paw at their balls in the water! Bear got a lot of running in and was worn out on our walk home. He did all of his business. He got a towel rub down and a treat when we got home!   Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Happy Friday Tara! So excited to see Riker today! When I came in Riker looked like he just awoken. He drank fresh water and then we headed outside for our adventure. We did a couple of circles around the block while we were enjoying our stroll. He did number one and number two ( number two was good). When we got home we were playing a bit as always and then I gave him food. After, Riker laid down on the carpet and I gave him some pets. We were playing a little bit again before I left him for the day. Have a good weekend, Alesya Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hi Adam! Great seeing you! Kira took care of all of her business during our walk today both #1 and #2. She enjoyed sniffing around rain-free and got in lots of exercise during our jaunt today. I’m really glad you guys are enjoying the pictures. Michelle 😌 Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Bella was splayed out on her back when I arrived today. She didn’t move and just waited there until I came over to rub her belly, haha! It took a bit of encouragement to get her up and moving. She made a couple of new friends once we got outside. A little tiny dog wagged his tail at her and Bella got really excited! She did all of her business. She was a bit slow on the walk home, wanting to stop to smell everything! We eventually made it back and Bella plopped on her side while I wiped her feet. She only jumped up for treat time! Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello Daniel! Marley was waiting for me on the sofa and he was excited to get some love. I gave him some pets and lots of kisses before we went outside for our adventure. We were exploring around the neighborhood where he got a lot of good exercise did his #1’s and 2’s. We finished our walk wth some running back to the apt. It was a lot of fun! When we got back home I gave him a treat , a kiss and I said that I will see him next week! Can’t wait to see Marley next week! Have a great weekend! Alesya Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hey Alex & Brian 👋🏽, Here are some pics from this afternoon’s walk with Jersey. So many beautiful warm days in a row, I truly can’t believe it’s October. Got 1s and 2s in as we sniff, sniff, sniffed along Spring & Houston St. Checked out some gardens, looked in a few storefronts, and just enjoyed the day. As usual, dropped her off with Julia so I know she’s in good hands. Treats have been given. It’s almost the weekend, hang in there everybody! Enjoy it, take it easy, and I’ll see Jersey next week. Kelly 🙂 Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hi there! It was so great to see Tucker again! He seemed happy to see me too and after some snuggles be headed out for our adventure. Tucker wanted to do the usual brief pause on the porch before hanging a left out of the apartment. We made a loop around the block and Tucker made sure to stop and say hello to a couple people. He wasn’t interested in going to the park so we just took our time cruising the neighborhood and taking one last break on the stoop. Tucker did both his business and when we got back I changed his water and gave him the last of the treat crumbs. Hope y’all are doing well. Have a great day! Danna Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 


Hi again! Milo and I had another awesome walk! She was pretty relaxed in the bed when I got there but quickly got a burst of energy and was ready to head out for round two. We did a typical loop again this time but we went around the big rocks to change it up. Milo was feeling a bit social and said hello to a few other dogs. It was really cute! We also played the acorn game because I just can’t resist ha ha 🙂 Milo went number one a couple times but no number two. When we got back I checked her water and gave her a treat. Have a great night! Danna Did your pup pee? Did your pup poo? Was their water refilled? 

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